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Art Box carries only the finest Professional art Supplies on the market today.
"It just doesn't make sense to me to use lower grade supplies, art is hard enough"  
                                                        Len Bielefeldt
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  1. Micheal Harding Oil Paint
    Micheal Harding paints are made by hand, using techniques which date back to the days of the Old Masters. There is a very simple reason for this painstaking process. As an artist and painter Micheal wanted to create colours that were true and vibrant, and paint which was beautiful and durable.
  2. SourceTec Linen Art Panels
    All of our plein air panels are handcrafted using the finest Claessens®Belgian linen canvases mounted on the highest quality Baltic birch plywood available.   Our archival art boards offer a lightweight, portable, and durable surface perfect for use in the studio or en plein air (in the field).  These professional-grade panels are ideal for use with pochade and wet panel storage boxes.
  3. Plein Air Pochade Boxs
    Sienna Plein Air Pochade Boxes are the most beautiful and versatile pochade boxes available at an unbelievable fair price
  4. Masterpiece Pro Stretched Canvas
    Vincent Pro is America's top quality Professional 7/8" deep canvas, made by Masterpiece. Stretched using Monterey 3X Acrylic primed canvas, which is sized and double primed, yielding an archival, acid-free, and leach-free surface for oil or acrylic paints. The 100% cotton based canvas has a 7oz. raw weight, and 10.5oz finished weight.
Art Box

Art Box is a special place, opening in 2011, we started out as a full service art supply, Gallery, and Frame shop. As time went on we slowly realized that we did not want to carry many of the supplies all the other big box stores had, the quality was just not good enough and much of it was frankly an embarressment to sell. in 2015 we decided to carry only the best supplies.
Art Box is run by professional Artist, we know what works and what other professional artist are using  here in the Midwest and on both coast.  
We are proud to carry these art supplies that we know are the best, not the most expensive, just great quality, proven and tested.
Our art supplies are not just for the Professional
artist either, for those just starting out, poor materials can be very discouraging. like Len says art is hard enough

Len's Favorites

Masterpiece Pro Canvas
I discovered Masterpiece back in 2013,  I was using Signature Canvas, a great company out of
Kansas City whose quality was second to none, one day I tried to put in an order and everything was shut down, I was devistated  


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